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November 6, 1996


Josh Rubin

What's a salchow? Check out home page

Most casual fans of figure skating have probably heard of Elvis Stojko.

But how about Sebastien Britten? Or Marcus Christensen? With the Skate Canada international meet in Kitchener beginning tomorrow, it's probably as good a time as any to catch up on figure skating personalities and terminology.

And there's no finer place to start than the home page of Edmonton's Carol Wang (http://www.skate.org/can/).

Wang's page has biographical info on top skaters, results from international meets like the European, U.S. and Canadian championships, and also results from past Olympics and World Championships.

You can also find links to dozens of other figure skating pages and instructions on how to sign up for some figure skating e-mail lists.

There's also a list of Canadian groundbreakers in international competition, some of which would be informative to even the most die-hard fan.

For example, although it's rather well-known that Kurt Browning performed the first-ever quadruple toe loop at the 1988 world championships in Budapest, perhaps you weren't aware that Petra Burka was the first woman in the world to perform a triple jump.

It was a salchow, by the way, and it came at the 1965 world championships.

All that's well and good, but how about if you're still puzzled by the difference between a salchow and a triple lutz? Just go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list of the rec.sport.skating.ice.figure newsgroup, and you'll get a definition of all the jumps, and a tonne of other info about the sport.

Although the FAQ list is posted to the newsgroup once a month, it's also been put up on the world wide web (http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/sjl/skate/technical.html ).

'ROID RERUN: Just when most Canadians were starting to forget the word steroid, along came Doug Flutie to burn it back into our consciousnesses. If you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, or, God forbid, were considering an experiment yourself, there are plenty of places on the Internet to learn about the perils.

One of the best ones is run by the U.S.-based National Centre for Biological Information (http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/medline), which has a searchable database of pharmaceutical information on hundreds of drugs.

ARRGGOOSS: As the CFL playoffs get under way, you might want to check out the Double Blue's official site in cyberspace (http://www.interlog.com/argos). Along with the standard mix of schedules, results and statistics, the Argos' homepage has a nice where-are-they-now feature called ``Ancient Mariners.'' The latest one is on 1940s star Bruce Richardson, but you can also select one of several earlier Ancient Mariners from the archive provided.

For a look at the lighter side of the gridiron, take a wander into the home page of the Argonotes, the team's official band (http://www.next.com/~shayman/argonotes).

Another good page to check out is the CFL's official Grey Cup page (http://www.cfl.ca/GreyCup/home.html). For once, the league which has a history of shooting itself in the foot has finally done something right. The Cup page has all kinds of historical information and data, including summaries from every Grey Cup game ever played.

PUCK'S PICKING UP: Time to give credit where it's due. After a relatively shaky start to the season, the NHL's home page (http://www.nhl.com) is coming along nicely. Although summaries aren't part of the package (yet), poolies should still take note. Up-to-date statistics are provided for each team, and league leaders in several categories are listed as well, including several just for rookies. Now if they could just get those summaries going.

Josh Rubin can be reached on the Internet at sportsdesk@thestar.ca

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