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Argonotes currently numbers around 30 members, and plans to grow to a band of at least 100 within five years. A wide range of people and backgrounds are represented in Argonotes, including:
  • Former members of the Queen's University Bands
  • Former members of the University of Western Ontario Mustang Band
  • Former members (and some former leaders) of the University of Waterloo Warriors Band (One of the Bands in Canada)
  • A former member of the alleged Wilfrid Laurier University "Band"
  • Various teachers, from grade 2 to high school
  • A lawyer
  • A banker
  • A senior consultant to Ontario Premier Mike Harris
  • A guy who owns a bakery and is also a stockbroker
  • A couple of chemical engineers
  • A retired minister who played in the Queen's Bands fifty years ago.
  • A fundraiser for TVOntario
  • A few too many people from the computer industry
  • An insurance guy
  • An optometrist from Mount Forest
  • A variety of clarinet players named "John"
  • A trombonist who claims to have been in the Ottawa Rough Riders Band - as if there actually is such a thing
  • Aoow! James Brown! (No, really!)
  • Current university students
  • Actual high-school students
  • And more.

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