Argonotes Musical Repertoire

Spanning the musical gamut from A to B....

Listen to Our Big Appearance on National Public Radio's Only A Game, also heard Canada-wide on the CBC and around the world on US Armed Forces Radio in November 1998. It's amazing how desparate sports journalists can be for a story, and we thank reporter Dave Naylor for scraping the bottom of the barrel to put us on the air!

The band would like to state for the record that:

it has absolutely no idea what the goofy song at the end of this interview is

and furthermore

if you think the band sounds bad in this interview, wait until you hear us in person.

But wait, here's more! These stellar performances are available as MP3's or streaming RealAudio, and some of the older really lame ones are also in au or snd format.

The Mysterious Haunting Sound of Argonotes
Recorded mostly at rehearsal, July 30 1998
Surfin USA
This and the following two recordings are between 1.5 and 2 Megs in size and may take a while to download. They were recorded by our fearless leader whilst standing a little too close to the trombones at our staging area in 2002.
Smoke on the Water, Proud Mary medley
We call it Smedley, also recorded at our staging area in 2002 by Steve Hayman.
Mony Mony
See above for recording credits, another from 2002.. 
Argos Rule the CFL (470K) 
By Tony Daniels and Damon Papadopolous of Talk 640 Radio. 
Sing along! Need the Words? 
mp3 au snd Real Audio
Argonotes on the Radio
Our NPR/CBC interview with Dave Naylor in November 1998.
Go Toronto Argos Go Go Go
It's not us playing. We found this on an old radio broadcast. We are thinking of learning this one but we're not sure if anybody can stand to hear it. Note the editorial comments by the late, great, Dick Beddoes at the end of this clip.
Real Audio
My Sharona
You should see the choreography. The only way to get this band to play piano is to get them to point their horns straight into the ground.
Real Audio
Mah-Na Mah-Na
No, not "Mony Mony", that's on the next page in the book.
Real Audio
Heartbreak Hotel
The saxamaphone virus is gradually taking over the band and this piece is why.
Real Audio
Lost in Space
The flutes love this one. Really.
Real Audio
The First Down Theme
(Y'see, the team was founded 100 years ago by the Argonaut Rowing Club and is nicknamed the Boatmen, so when they get a first down, we play ... oh never mind.) 
au snd Real Audio
Wooly Bully - The Old Touchdown Theme (244K) 
Recorded immediately after the Argos scored the game-clinching touchdown against Calgary in 1995. 
(Recently, thankfully, superseded by Argos Rule the CFL) 
au snd Real Audio
Sing along at home!  We've left a spot open for you! Wait 21.5 seconds and then yell "Tequila", ok?
Real Audio
Fun Fun Fun (257K) 
One of our favourites, arranged by Mike Story, as part of his excellent "All Star Sports Pak" collection. 
au snd Real Audio

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